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Weather Education

Created on Wednesday, 30 May 2012 Written by Metro Skywarn K0MSW

Weather Education

Basic Weather Safety 

Radar Tutorial

Advanced Class Training 

Top 10 Minnesota Severe Weather Events 1990-1999

Metro Skywarn Training Program

Basic Ingredients for Thunderstorm Activity 

Approaching Storm Guide

Weather Terms

(Includes current S.W.E.A.T. Index)


 * Tornado Protection and Survival Guide (Truckers Report)
 * The Fujita Scale of Tornado Intensity 
 * National Center for Atmospheric Research: How tall is a Tornado? 
 * National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): Tornadoes, Education, Safety Information, Current Warnings 
 * National Severe Storms Laboratory: Questions and Answers about Tornadoes 
 * Science Now Newsletter: May 1995 Volume 2, No. 4 - Tornadoes 
 * University Corporation for Atmospheric Research: Tornado Exhibit 
 * Tornadoes: Some Hard Realities, By Chuck Doswell 


Tornado Research

 * National Severe Storms Laboratory VORTEX: Unraveling the Secrets 
 * Tornado Thoughts After VORTEX '95, By Chuck Doswell 
 * Probability estimates associated with violent Tornadoes, By Chuck Doswell 
 * Storm Prediction Center: Severe Storm Statistics 



 * Texas A & M Meteorology: Weather Forecasting 
 * Texas A & M Meteorology: Forecasting Worksheet 
 * Texas A & M Meteorology: ATMO 203 Class 
 * University Corporation for Atmospheric Research: Lightning Exhibit 
 * National Severe Storms Laboratory: Weather Room, weather education 



 * American Red Cross Disaster Services: Are you ready for a Hurricane? 
 * Central Pacific Hurricane Center:  CPHC 
 * Federal Emergency Management Agency: Tropical Storm Watch 
 * Florida Explores! and FSU Meteorology: 1999 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season 
 * NOAA/AOML FAQ: Hurricanes, Typhoon, and Tropical Cyclones 
 * National Hurricane Center: Tropical Prediction Center 


Historical Storms

 * Minnesota Historical Storms 
 * USA Today: Hurricane History 
 * National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): The 1974 Tornado Outbreak 


Weather Phenomena

 * Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies: 
 * Jet Contrails 
 * Sea and Land Breezes 
 * Urban Heat Island 
 * Why is the Sky Blue? 
 * National Hurricane Center:World-Wide Tropical Cyclone Names 
 * Plymouth State College Meteorology ProgramCloud Boutique 
 * National Weather Service, Climate Predication Center: El Nino and Climate Prediction 
 * University of Illinois WW2010 Online Meteorology Guides: 
 * Clouds and Precipitation 
 * Forces and Wind 
 * Career Overview, Career Information: 
 * A guide to Meteorology Resources 


General Weather Information

 * Severe Storms On-line Meteorology Guide 
 * National Severe Storms Laboratory: The Weather Room 
 * Bad Meteorology 
 * Heat Index Chart 
 * History of the National Weather Service 
 * How the Weather Works 
 * USA Today Weather Information: 
 * Topic Index 
 * Weather briefs 
 * Cold science 
 * Weather basics 
 * Hurricanes 
 * Severe storms 
 * The week ahead 
 * Weather extremes 
 * Weather safety 
 * Current Weather News 
 * Atmospheric science resources 
 * Wind Chill Chart 
 * Almanac 


Weather Forecasting

 National Severe Storms Laboratory: 
 * Probabilistic Forecasting - A Primer 
 * Probabilistic Forecasting II 

 University of Illinois WW2010 Online Meteorology Guides: 
 * Reading and Interpreting Weather Maps 

 University of Kentucky College of Agriculture: 
 * Predicting your Local Minimum Temperature 
 * Understanding Weather and Weather Forecasting 

 USA Today Weather 
 * Understanding Weather Forecasting 
 * Understanding Forecasts and Observations 

 Weather Prediction Education and Resources by Jeff Haby 

The following book can be ordered for $29: 
Weather Maps - How to Read and Interpret all the Basic Weather Charts 
P.O. Box 758 
Kearney, MO 64060 



 * USA Today Weather: Understanding Weather Radar 
 * NWS Weather Radar FAQ 
 * Weathertap Radar Information 
 * Metro Skywarn Radar Interpretation Tutorial 


Satellite Information

 * Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies: GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite) 
 * NASA: GOES Project Science 


State of the Art Weather Knowledge

 National Severe Storms Laboratory: 
 * Conference Papers 
 * Formal Publications 
 * Weatherzine - On-line Newsletter of the US Weather Research Program 

Weather Glossary

 * A comprehensive glossary of weather terms for storm spotters 
 * Metro Skywarn Glossary 


Storm Chasing

 * Index to Training Materials and Essays on Storm Chasing and Meteorology 
 * National Severe Storms Laboratory: Storm Spotting and Public Awareness Since the First Tornado Forecasts of 1948 
 * Educational Storm Chaser Videos For Sale 


Test Your Weather Knowledge

 * Weather World Online Trivia Contest 
 * More Quizzes



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